Going Make-Up Free – What Did It Do For My Acne?

We all know the power of make-up; it fakes an 8-hour sleep, it gives your skin a not-so-natural glow and of course it helps conceal pigmentation, acne scars and acne itself, so when it comes to leaving the house without so much as a flick of a concealer stick, I get so nervous and self-conscious but with me going to Austria, I thought it would be a great opportunity to go make-up free and see what it can do for my skin.

Preparing for my holiday I had every intention of wearing make-up which is why I packed a full bag of cosmetics but waking up on the second day, honestly, it was too hot and humid to even think about wearing foundation or concealer so I went without. My feeling was that I was on holiday and I knew no one so I may as well go out with no make-up on. Honestly, it’s been the best week of my skin’s life – more so because it hasn’t been trapped underneath make-up but also because my face has seemed to calm down just a little.

Trying to allow my skin to adjust to the new environment, including the weather, was a process of really dry or really oily skin so letting it do its thing without dealing with make-up on top was a blessing. Going for a week of bare skin just seemed natural and I loved not having to take extra time removing it too but there was a downside – the pictures.

I really didn’t mind going outside without make-up on but what I did mind was not wanting to take many pictures. Throughout my holiday I think I took around 15 photos – of the whole trip! I didn’t feel comfortable and I would find myself complaining about my skin altogether. Was a week of no make-up really worth it?

Honestly…yes! It may not look like it but my skin has seriously calmed down in the past week but whether it was because I didn’t wear make-up or whether it was because of the heat I’m not sure, it could be both but my skin looks a lot better than what it did.

Going make-up free was a lot easier for me purely because I had lash extensions. It sounds weird but knowing I had something on gave me the small amount of confidence I needed in order to go bare. Am I going to stop wearing make-up? Definitely not! Make-up is a very powerful thing and if I want to wear it just for a bit of confidence then I’ll wear it but what I am going to do is take more make-up free days because saving that extra time you’d usually spend taking it off is so worth it, that and not ending up a slight orange or worn outlook by the time 11am comes round.

What do you think about going make-up free?


2 thoughts on “Going Make-Up Free – What Did It Do For My Acne?

  1. I haven’t worn make up (only on very rare occasions) for 5 months now.
    In all honesty, I don’t see any difference on my skin.
    I started drinking a lot of water, and I still didn’t see anything.

    My skin is far from smooth, but luckily I never had much acne.
    So I am guessing, my skin cannot get any better? 😉

    But I definitely see that you skin has calmed down comparing the 2 pictures!
    So happy for you.

    I definitely like to apply make up (even though I am not very good, haha), but I am sometimes just too lazy for all that 😉


  2. Oh wow that’s incredible!

    Honestly I don’t think make-up has the worst cons most people think it gives. As long as you wash your face properly it should all be fine but I am thinking maybe it was the heat that helped calm it down – it goes crazy in the winter!

    Haha I totally get you, I’m so lazy lol


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