‘No Make-Up’ Make-up Essentials

During our day-to-day lives we’re presented with a dozen make-up steps just to even create a minimal look and most of the time it takes double the amount of time but I’m here to show you that you really don’t need a bunch of products, or the extra time to help create a not-so-natural look. Here are my ‘No make-up’ make-up essentials…

The base

If you want to keep things simple I would suggest switching from a foundation to a tinted CC cream, moisturiser, SPF or just a light foundation as it’s really easy to blend and creates less of a heavy look. For the rest of the summer days I’ve been using the La Roche-Posay ANTHELIOS XL tinted fluid with SPF 50+ ( currently £12.75, 50ml), it’s buildable, light and gives my skin enough coverage to balance my skin tone and cancel out the red from my acne. Coming into winter I’d opt for the light foundation with more concealer which will be the MAC Next To Nothing Face Colour (£28, 35ml), a creamy and lightweight foundation that glides over the skin effortlessly whilst removing imperfections along the way.

For both options, I will always use a concealer, purely because those blemishes are not going away, or will be concealed and hidden, by a foundation or a tinted SPF alone. My current favourite, which personally is a tad too dark – even as the lightest shade (god damn the white skin!), is the Maybelline Instant Anti-Age Eraser Concealer (£8.99, 6.8ml), as not only is it gentle enough to run over my acne, but it’s buildable and beneficial for the skin too! Infused with Goji Berry and haloxyl, this power couple is great for diminishing those dark circles and refreshing the eyes. I usually use this all over too!

The Add-Ons

Now we all know you can’t just stop at foundation when it comes to a no make-up look so throw in a multi-use blush and a highlighter and you’re good to go – purely because it will add a natural flush and an obvious highlight to the skin. My current go-to’s are the Collection Speedy Blush in shade Pinch Me (£3.99), as it’s not only for the cheeks but the lids and lips too and also the L.A.Girl Pro Conceal High Definition (£5), a creamy highlighter that transforms any dull complexion to a natural glow.

The Eyes & Brows

keeping it very simply I’ve opted for a quick swipe of a brow gel and curling of the lashes. For the gel, I’ve been loving the L’ORÉAL Brow Artist Plumper (£6.99), as it gives you more of a defined look whilst adding fibres to make them look fuller and plump throughout the day. At the moment I have lash extensions in so the need for mascara is next to none at the moment but usually, I would go for curling of the lash and maybe a coat or two of mascara to keep the eye simple.

The Lips

For a natural look, I would advise against any bold statement shade so I’ve gone for a tinted lip balm that not only nourishes the lips but give them a bit of colour too. The FRUU Colour Balm (£5), a strongly scented balm that keeps your lips conditioned without drying out over time.

What do you think?


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