Life: Starting The Day Right

We’ve all read about successful people, I’m looking at you Anna Wintour, who like to get up at a ridiculous hour that seems to put our own morning routine to shame. At first, it was the 9pm-5am sleeping pattern but now generally getting up earlier in order to fit more in and have a better, balanced lifestyle.

While you may think these people are crazy for getting up at the crack of dawn to simply fit in a workout or a hobby but in actual fact, they’ve got it right! Recently trying to fit in more myself, I shared with you my ‘waking up at 5am’ blog and let me tell you did it make a difference! Anna is definitely on to something here and it’s not because you’re forcing yourself to do more work but because you’re doing it to take that time for yourself on the things you love the most. Here’s how I’m starting the day right and leading a more positive life.

Wake up early. Waking up early and giving yourself time to become more alert and well, awake, give your mind and your body a head start to the day. Personally, the reason I get up early is that not only does it me some extra ‘me’ time but it also gives me the chance to do things that I can’t fit in after work – or is too lazy to do so. I’m never excited for my alarm to go off so in order to wake up my mind and reframe from going back to sleep I tend to wander around the house. Weird? Yes but once I’m up and about it gives me the motivation to start the day.

Do what you love. Whether it’s working out, reading, writing, drawing, listening to music or simply just sitting and doing nothing whilst reflecting – it’s completely up to you. Doing the things you love the most are so rewarding and I find doing these things first gives you a positive mindset for the rest of the day.

Tell yourself: you’re fitting work around your schedule, your hobbies, your day, not the other way around!

It all builds up to start your day the way you want it to. Some days I’ll work out, others I’ll read and enjoy a cuppa and the rest I’ll spend getting organised through planners, to-do lists or even ‘morning pages’. Unloading your brain at the beginning of the day, or even at the end, is a great way of getting everything on paper and at the end, it actually feels as if you’ve lifted a weight from your brain! Negative thoughts, ideas, to-dos, worries, excitements, achievements, wants – the list can be endless and if you don’t write it down then you’ll never be able to progress or simply ignore it.

Be positive. Ok, yes a little obvious here but it’s because it’s so simple! Having a positive mindset is a great way of setting yourself up for the day and it actually makes you more productive. Honestly, coming from someone who is probably 60% negative, it can be hard and sometimes the smallest thing can quickly get me from a positive to negative but exercising the mindset is really beneficial for the rest of your day. If I’ve got my negative head on it’s because I’m worrying or stressing about something so using your free time to write things down can help you figure out what’s wrong and work out what you can change in order to help with the situation.

Being positive rubs off on people and allows them to be positive too – because we all know it definitely works the other way round too – so doing this actually improves your own environment and those around you. Ok, so it won’t always work and you’ll have people that test your positivity, but you’ll get there.

What do you do to set yourself up for a great day? Comment below.


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