Are Foaming Facial Washes Really That Bad?

Foaming cleansers are very much always on topic when it comes to skincare products you shouldn’t use and is simply too damaging to the skin but are foaming facial washes really that bad?

Foaming cleansers can help remove oil, make-up and stubborn SPF as well as cleansing your skin but the debate over whether they’re good for you is quite evenly split. Foam cleansers are formulated for those with oily or combination skin as it helps to balance out your complexion but for those with dry and sensitive skin, it can make your skin worse. Some say they strip your skin and turn your skin’s pH from healthy to alkaline which causes dryness and irritation and can be really damaging and others say it’s really effective for getting rid of everything you don’t want to be left on your skin after the days over. So, which argument are you meant to be listening to?

Like I say, foam cleansers are really effective for oily, combination and acne-prone skins so if you have these skin types or worries, please read ahead but if you have dry and sensitive skin, it’s best to avoid these at all costs!

The best way to answer this question honestly and pick a side of whether or not to include a foam cleanser into your routine is to simply listen to your own skin. If your skin feels tight, slightly irritated and a bit sensitive after using a foam then it’s not for you but if it remains normal then you’re good to go. It’s that simple! There’s no right or wrong answer, it’s all down to how your skin responds.

Personally, I find foam cleansers really effective and also really nourishing to the skin. I don’t use them every day and if I do use them, it’s always at night. This is purely down to trial and error and seeing what works for my skin – what’s your take on foaming cleansers?


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