Life: Ending The Day Right

Last week I discussed how I start my day right and some of the benefits of getting up early and doing what you love can have. It got me thinking, I may have the start of my day right but what about the end of my day?

My night consists of throwing my bag on the floor, grabbing dinner and then spending the rest of the night watching Netflix and scrolling through social media. I would always use the excuse of getting home late and only having a couple of hours before going to bed – early because I like to get up at 5.30am. Over the past week, I’ve been following the same pattern of winding down and ending the day right – and they’re just basic steps.

Organise. Whether it’s every day or on a Sunday, I like to set aside some time to plan the next day or the following week. I like to write everything down that I took from the day or the week. Notes, to-do lists, ideas or just anything that’s on your mind and from there I plan what to do with it. This way, I have a plan of action and I know exactly what I’m going to be doing the next day.

Prep. The key to bossing it the next day is always going to be in the prep. Some of us prep lunch for the week but I prefer prepping them the night before purely because it tastes a lot fresher and I know I’m going to want to eat it. It doesn’t matter if I cook my favourite meal, if I have to eat it for the week, I’m not going to want to eat it so simply making it the day before and cooking different meals is going to be ideal. The night before I also like to get my clothes ready so when I do wake up, I don’t need to waste time trying to pick an outfit.

Self Care. The way I like to relax and wind down in the evening is to light a candle or put my diffuser on, put a facemask on or treat myself to a facial massage or even get into clean pj’s. Just the littlest things can bring you ease and separate your mind from work and home and gets you ready for a good nights sleep. It doesn’t have to be anything massive or unrealistic but making sure you do something just for yourself is so rewarding.

How do you like to end your day?


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