How To Introduce Your Skin To New Skincare (Especially Products That Contain Acids)

The chances are you’re still trying to find your suitable combination of products and sometimes it can feel like nothing is working, or quite the opposite and you’re skin is getting worse. There can be multiple reasons but the main one is not introducing your skincare the right way and when it comes to products with acids (AHAs/BHAs), this is a very important step. Ever try new products and your skin just reacts? Bumps, red patches, a cluster of spots, or any type of reaction can be due to your products and it’s not because they’re bad for your skin but it can be because of simply not introducing them right. Here are a few tips on how to introduce your skin to new skincare (especially products that contain acids).

One at a time. Maybe you’ve just bought a whole new range of skincare or maybe you’ve only replaced your serum, regardless of the number of new products, it’s always best to introduce your new skincare products one at a time. This way, if there’s a reaction, you know exactly what product it’s coming from and from there you can dig deeper into why you’ve had a reaction. If the product contains acid there definitely has to be a proper introduction.

Slowly but surely. This step is very important and since my recent experience of reacting to a facemask, introducing your new skincare product slowly will help your skin to slowly build up a tolerance. So, if it’s an ordinary product that doesn’t really contain any active ingredients (AHAs, BHAs, Vitamin C, retinol, etc) then you shouldn’t really face any type of reaction unless of course, you’re allergic to any of the other ingredients. But, if any of your products contain active ingredients whether it’s your serum and moisturiser or a chemical exfoliant or even a facemask, these must be welcomed into your skincare routine slowly.

Let’s say you have a facemask that contains an acid and even though you’ve tried and applied that acid before, you’ve not tried it in that particular blend of ingredients so always treat an ingredient as if it’s the first time you’re trying it. First, apply and leave the product on for 3-5 minutes then wash off. If you haven’t had a reaction then try 5-10 minutes but make sure you’ve had a couple days in between. If you’re still good to go then keep gradually adding minutes until you’ve hit the maximum (which will be shown on the back of the bottle). It’s all about trial and error here so listen to your skin on whether or not your new product is a keeper.

If you do have a reaction, wash it off immediately, and apply a cold compress to the skin. After this, give your skin a break from any active ingredients and only use natural products that help soothe and hydrate. Once your skin is pretty much back to normal, only use this product again if it’s because you left it on too long or you’ve introduced it wrong. If you’ve followed the right steps and you still have a reaction then it means your skin is allergic to something in the ingredients. Never use a product if you think you’re allergic to any of the ingredients.

Check your ingredients. The first thing I do when I purchase a new product, mostly beforehand if they display them on a website, is to look through the ingredients. I’ll research each one to see roughly what it is and what it does. You should only be buying skincare that’s right for your skin, no one else’s. So if you have dry skin, you wouldn’t really want to be putting any type of matte or drying out products on your skin because it’s going to get worse. This step again is all about trial and error and figuring out what works best for your skin and what it actually needs.


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