How To Motivate Yourself (Because We All Know We Can Sway Ourselves)

You’ve been rocking your new routine for weeks now that involves working out daily, doing more of what you love, being more organised and just living your best life and you thought it was all going well until you hit a slump. You’ve not worked out in over two months, you’ve got piles of unread books or half-finished paintings, you’re doing things last minute and to be honest, your life is a bit of a mess. So how do you motivate yourself (because we all know we can sway ourselves)? First off, I want to say that this is normal, everyone has bad days, weeks or even months and there’s nothing wrong with that. We’re never going to live in the same routine and keep it forever because to put it simply, our lives constantly change so we’re always needing to reevaluate ourselves and our lives. It’s just how it works and usually, when something in our life changes and our usual routines doesn’t work, it’s easier to live in a slump – or maybe we don’t even realise our lives need a new routine. Here’s how to get back on top and continue to rule your own life…

Role models. Do you have a favourite YouTuber that shares your passions and interests? I’m sure we all follow those with similar interests and goals, which is why they’re our favourites but regularly having someone to aspire to really bring you back from that slump and into a new routine. If I ever feel a bit unmotivated, hating life or just in a funk, I go and check out my idols. As silly as it sounds, checking up on your role model and seeing how far they’ve gotten with their goal really does persuade your mind to start where you left off and really put some effort into it. Maybe it’s a blogger, a celebrity or a friend or family member, as long as you have someone to look up to for inspiration and motivation then this should really help you with your next steps in life. Have someone in mind but find yourself competing with them rather than them influencing you? Look for someone else, it’s all about a happy medium and how someone can help you get back on track of your own journey.

Organisation. Ok, so I did mention that when we tend to lose our motivation and spark it can also have an impact on our organisation but unfortunately this is a bit of a catch 22 because in order to get motivated, you kind of need to be organised first. For example, putting your workout gear ready for the next day can motivate you into actually doing it. Or organising and prepping your lunch for the next working day can allow you to make healthier choices rather than grabbing last-minute unhealthy items. Whatever your life goals are, make sure you plan and organise them the day before or maybe even the week before. No finished product is done on the day, it takes planning, many trials and errors and effort and it’s no different to your own goals.

Do what you love. Want the body of a toned goddess but absolutely hate certain workout methods (cardio, weights, etc)? No one is going to get where they want to be by doing things they hate to try and find a way to do what you love whilst working towards your end goal and you should never have a problem. When I was younger I absolutely loved running and it was only because it was something I was good at but since leaving school it’s something that kind of died when sixteen year-old-me did and I’ve never really enjoyed it since. Because of this, I use other methods of cardio or sometimes I skip it altogether and focus on HIIT, LISS and weights instead because it’s something I love and it’s keeping me fit and healthy in the long run too. Find something you love and it’ll stop feeling like a chore.

What do you put in place to become more motivated? I’d love to hear your comments below.


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