How To Transition Your Skincare Regime For Autumn

As much as I like driving to and from work in broad daylight, I do prefer colder weathers, cosier clothing and having several candles on the go – autumn is my favourite season and it always will be. Having cooler days, harsh winds and god forbid uncontrollable rain, it can all start to play havoc with our skin – dry, dehydrated and unprotected complexions – and just like our clothing, our skin needs to have extra layers and also be prepared for the day ahead. With make-up transitioning into autumn it is a lot easier as it usually involves introducing warmer and richer tones and shades but for your skin, it’s a lot different. Here’s how to transition your skincare regime for autumn…

Cleanser. Foam washes may of been great in the summer for all oily/combination complexions but for the winter these are a massive no go! You want to go for creamy cleansers or ones that are milk cleansers because they contain gentle emollients and oils that can cleanse your skin without drying it out and help maintain your skin’s overall moisture – definitely important against high winds and artificial heat sources.

Moisturiser. In the summer a lightweight cream or gel may have worked wonders but now we’re going into colder months, it’s time to switch up your moisturiser and grab yourself a rich and creamy formula. Think of it as an extra protective layer (a duvet if you wish) between your skin and everything else that can harm and damage your complexion, environmental stress for example. Autumn and winter bring weathers that tend to dry your skin out to the point it can even cause cracking of the skin, not always seen to the naked eye, so using a rich moisturiser can make sure your skin is hydrated. Look out for those with aloe vera or hyaluronic acid for an instant hydration and radiance boost.

Facial Oils. If you didn’t use an oil during the summer now is the time to bring one into your regime. If you think your skin still needs extra nourishment even after applying moisturiser then a facial oil is the answer. If you’re not comfortable applying an oil straight onto your skin, put a few drops into your moisturiser and then apply. Facial oils are great for extra hydration and comfort, even if you have oily/combination skin.

Sun Protection. The most important step of them all, SPF is always a must-have in any season. You may think you don’t need it as the sun’s gone but the UV’s are still lurking, even behind the clouds so keep this in your routine. Wear a minimum of SPF 30 to keep your complexion protected.

Humidifier. As the cooler weeks set in, the air becomes a lot drier and with the heating or the fire on, it’s going to be worse for your complexion. To help bring a bit of moisture back into the air consider using a humidifier whilst you sleep.

What are your go-to products for winter?


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