How To Stop Procrastinating And Get Shit Done

Procrastination. We’ve all been there. Tasks that you just don’t want to do or tasks that can seem like a waste of your time but at the end of the day, it needs to be done. Especially in a world with social media, it’s easy to just get lost in the scroll than tackle the small to-dos or big projects. It’s normal and everyone’s done it – I’ve procrastinated at least five times during this post! Here’s how to stop procrastinating and get shit done…

Tackle the big stuff first. You may think that it’s easier to get the smaller tasks done first and then leave the biggest till last but it’s actually more worthwhile doing it the other way round. By focusing on these and getting them out of the way, or at least half completed will not only lift a weight off your shoulders and allow you to enjoy the rest of your day but it will make all of your other projects seem more…easy.

Time management. Now I’m not saying you need to take minutes every time you do something but giving yourself a dedicated time slot for said tasks will allow your undivided attention to be spent on that dreaded task alone. Schedule in your own time for tasks, even breaks and it will allow your mind to be organised and focused. Personally, I break up my days between different sections of the job, for example, Monday mornings are purely for scheduling Facebook and Twitter and Monday afternoon is for taking photos and videos. This allows me to prepare for the day ahead and stop me from thinking ‘I have nothing to do’ or ‘I don’t know where to start’.

Environment. During the week I’m stuck in the same office, in the same building and sometimes this can really have an impact on my ability to get tasks done. Sometimes I need complete silence to think and other times I need to put my headphones in to focus but also you need to think about where you are. If I can’t get anything done say on my desk I go to another room and close the door. If it’s my desk that is the problem, a lot of mess can cloud your productivity, then give it a clean! Clear desk, clear mind.

If I’m working on my blogs and social media at home in bed then I will again move to another room. Ain’t no one getting work done lying in bed!

Phone detox. So in my job, I need my phone because I work on their social media channels and sometimes it’s easier to just post something from my phone but it can also be easier for my mind to wander. To limit myself I only use my phone when needed and use platforms like Hootsuite to schedule posts. Sometimes it will only be for an hour or for the time slots dedicated to certain tasks and it really does help. Just remember to put away your phone so no notifications can lure you in.

What’re your best tips to stop procrastination?


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