How To Retain A Natural Glow Throughout Autumn

Only a week until October and already it feels like summer was months ago and the last bit of glow has escaped your skin. Now you’re trying to keep warm by layering and you’ve covered yourself in five bottles of fake tan to try and hide the fact your complexion is looking a bit dull and the attack of dry skin is underway! But there’s hope yet. I’ve picked a few of my favourites that help brighten up my skin and how to retain a natural glow throughout autumn.

Mary Kay Oil-Free Hydrating Gel (£29), is a lightweight formula featuring algae and antioxidants to retain hydration and create a protective barrier from harsh weathers whilst also giving your skin a silk-like finish. Usually, I would swap out a gel for a more richer cream for winter, particularly in the evening but I’ve been using this after my moisturiser for extra protection and glowy base. It also helps to fill in those fine lines and plumps the skin giving your complexion that healthy radiance.

Sometimes you just need a product that leaves your skin looking fresh, smooth and what seems to be glowing from the inside out and proto-col microdermabrasion (from £11.95) does just that. I’ve talked about this product before and I will keep boasting about it because it is hands down the best chemical and physical exfoliant I have ever tried! Blended with crushed diamonds and pearls, it removes dead skin cells, without damaging the new skin underneath, lifts away impurities and leaves the complexion radiant for days without leaving the skin tight.

A great soothing and brightening oil that’s classed as a serum, Valjean Labs Restore Serum (£12.91), can be used on your face or body. Enriched with Niacinamide and Zinc alongside honeysuckle, this lightweight and non-greasy fluid helps to purify skin, calms and soothes stressed, blemished-prone skin – great for your face or anywhere on your body that is prone to spots. Personally, because this serum gives the skin such a fresh and hydrated feel, I tend to put a few drops in my moisturiser and use this all over my body.

For a few extra steps during and after your make-up, I go for highlighters and setting sprays to give my skin that extra boost of natural glow. As a highlight, I opt for BeautyPie Pro-Strobe Luminizer (£6.59, for members) as it gives a luminous and glowy touch to your complexion. Although this is advertised as a highlight, I would also use this in the inner corners of my eyes or anywhere I want a bit of shimmer. To set everything in place and not lose any of that glow you’ve built so far, the Milani Make It Dewy Setting Spray (£13), is great for making your make-up last for up to 16 hours. To go a bit further, spray after your skincare routine and after your make-up regime for a double dose.

What’re your go-to steps for a glowy finish?


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