How To Look After Your Skin When You’re Ill

When it comes to winter the last thing you want to endure is a cold or even worse, the flu. A compromised immune system is not only bad for your health but it can also be bad for your skin. Dry noses, flaky skin and a flare-up of acne are just not how anyone wants to be spending their autumn and although it’s something we can’t really stop, we can take extra care with our skin to ensure no lasting, or prolonged damage is done. Ever get irritated sores after blowing your nose too much? Here are my steps on how to look after your skin when you’re ill.

Use a multi-purpose balm. The best thing you can do for your skin when you’ve spent the last 24 hours blowing or rubbing your nose is to apply a multi-purpose balm that not only hydrates the skin but also adds a protective layer. My recent post on multi-purpose balm featured Aldi’s own miracle balm and although I would definitely recommend this for any dry patches, I wouldn’t use this on my face purely because it’s comedogenic so instead I opt for Dr.PawPaw Original Balm (£6.95), a gentle formula that soothes the skin, nourishes and protects. Apply a thick layer at night and top up during the day and no one would even know your sick.

Use essential oils. Whether it’s in your bath or your diffuser using essential oils are perfect for your cold as it will help clear up your sinuses and allow you to breathe! My perfect blend would be eucalyptus as it stimulates circulation, warms the body and relieves sinus congestion and peppermint to cool and soothe the respiratory system, relives sinus congestion, headaches and mental fatigue.

Use hydrating products. The most common and annoying side effect of any cold and flu is that your skin becomes very dry so using rich and hydrating skincare products, especially at night, will help keep your skin moisturised and well, hydrated. Go for products that have little or none perfume contents as this will avoid any further irritations.

Avoid. Usually, when I get ill I try and avoid using products that contain a high percentage of acids and products that claim to dry out skin purely because I don’t want to dry out my complexion more than it is during a cold. Instead of using these regularly, I might use them once a week instead. I wouldn’t rule these out during winter as this is the best time to use intensive treatments such as acid peels, laser and so on but during a cold, you don’t want to apply these on the broken or irritated skin to make it worse.

Drink a lot of water. Of course, this is the most important step given for any type of cold and flu or for anything in general but drinking water can help you recover faster and again keep you hydrated.


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