The Only Three Make-Up Products I’ve Been Using And Loving

If you’re not the one to concentrate on eye make-up and more on the base, brows and lips, make it a combination of easy application (and easy to take off) and beauty staples that you can use whatever the weather or season. Over the past few weeks I’ve been stripping it back and keeping it simple when it comes to my make-up routine and I’ve even been going back to some old favourites, because if it works it why change it?

Foundation is a no-brainer: it gives your skin a healthy glow, gives you coverage and hides any uneven skin tone and well, it’s a start for when it comes to concealing acne. A foundation that’s also a concealer? This is definitely a must-have and recently I’ve been devoting my time on applying and building coverage on the good old Milani Conceal And Perfect 2 In 1 Foundation And Concealer (£13), a blend that gives you a glowy, but not that sweaty look that allows you to go simple and natural one day and made up and covered the next. It does an amazing job covering my acne, needs a bit more work on my pigmentation but overall it’s been my best friend for weeks! With cooler weather setting in I’m embracing my natural healthy glow and avoiding powder purely due to it setting in my dry patches.

Kiss Beautiful Brow Kit 2 For Ultra Precision (Kiss also available in certain Asda, Superdrug, Boots and Tesco), is still keeping my microblade brows in check, see my previous post, and is so easy to apply. At the moment I’ve only been using the eyebrow pencil to fill in any gaps or for the days my eyebrow tint is wearing off (and I can’t be arsed tinting them). I’ve reached for this more often than not and it’s simply because it’s cheap, it does the job and it’s quick to apply.

A new discovery and is now my new favourite, and only, lip liner which is the Karl Lagerfeld + Model Co Lip Liner in Rosewood (£25), as it feels light, pigmented enough to give you a noticeable yet subtle shade and it’s easy to apply and take off! Seriously what more could you want?

Something that I’ve been skipping over the past few weeks – which first started out because I couldn’t but is now purely down to the fact I like rubbing my eyes and with myself currently supporting a cold (yay me) it’s uncomfortable and annoying – is mascara. When my last set of lash extensions fell off or somehow got ripped off with my natural lash, it’s left me with lashes half the length they were and honestly, I look like an idiot with mascara on. *Fingers crossed they grow*


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