How To Get The Most Of Out Your Concealer

Concealer. It’s always been the product I replace the moment I’m getting close to empty and will always be the product I’m happy to explore and splurge. Concealers for me are the best thing about make-up, as they help to cover up everything from the massive collection of acne you’re compiling, covering the embarrassment that pigmentation proudly leaves on your skin to the fact that you’ve been tired since birth and you just can’t hide those dark ‘I’ve been up all night’ circles and foundation just isn’t cutting it. Concealers are hands down amazing and when used correctly they can be powerful in hiding literally everything. Here’s how to get the most out of your concealer…

Get The Best Texture. Every time it comes to replacing my concealer I love to look around and what I’m faced with is a concealer stick, a liquid or a cream. Personally, although I’m #teamcombination skin, my eyes can get a little dry so I always opt for a liquid or a creamy texture as not only will this allow for an easy and smooth application, nothing getting in those fine lines! First I’d try all of them and see which ones best suited but stick to cheap ones through your trial and error and once you pick a preference, start shopping around.

How To Appy. Just like everything else on my face I always like to layer. Adding a bit at a time will keep your eye area looking natural rather than that caked look. Slowly build up until you’re happy with the coverage – and you can no longer see those angry red bumps!

What’s My Technique. When it comes to applying concealer you can get carried away with slapping on a lot over the whole of the eye area but this will just make everything worse and have those fine lines stick out. Personally, I like to go by the three dot rule as this will enable you to blend the product more naturally. I go between using my ring finger, as I would eye cream, to lightly dab the concealer into the skin or a blending sponge as it gives off a more effortless look – and you don’t have to worry about caking as a sponge gives you light and buildable coverage.

How Will It Last. I used to think a hell of a lot of finishing spray would do the trick but oh boy was I wrong! Not only did that reverse the effort it took to apply but it also left watermarks, yes watermarks! Now, I use a translucent powder. Too much and you’re looking at those fine lines again but just the right amount and you’re set for the whole day.

What’s your best concealer tips?


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