What Is A Brain Dump And Is It Worth It

Let’s all be honest here, getting things done is something that we do every day and creating materials like a to-do list helps prioritise our work. Whether it’s work or life, we all get a clear understanding of what needs to be done when we introduce a to-do list or project management type of system but every now and again things pop up, get in the way and can make us go from an organised queen to quite honestly, a mess. That’s when I came across a brain dump and how it can help us move forward with our lists and adapt without getting all hot and bothered – or in my case a stressed out…cow. But what is a brain dump and is it worth it?

What is a brain dump? To put it simply, a brain dump is writing down or recording everything that is in your mind. Everything! Whether it’s needing to stock up on cleaning products to schedule that important meeting you’ve been putting off for the past few weeks. If it’s on your mind then it’s going to get brain dumped.

Process. Once you write it all down it instantly gives you a clear direction to what needs to be prioritised and what needs to be binned. Before going through that process you want to segregate your tasks between work, personal and social so it makes it easier to not only sort them out but to also always keep these separate. Sometimes you can get so overwhelmed and bogged down with work projects and lists that you push your personal aims and goals to the side.

Schedule. Now that you’ve basically written down your life – consisting of personal, social and work – it’s now time to schedule in the days you can get these done. Some of these will be long-term and some short-term so it will be ideal to give subtasks for each project as it breaks it down and becomes more manageable. Through this stage, you’ll also want to pick the best days most suitable. If you find you’re too busy on a Monday then don’t schedule these in for the Monday. It may seem like a simple statement but doing this allows your brain to stay clear and avoid getting busy too quickly.

Equipment. My favourite topic, what stationary am I going to need and what planners are going to help me stay on track? I don’t know about you but when it comes to a personal diary I like to have an overview of the months as well as breakdowns of each week. When it comes to a work diary I like an overview of the month and a breakdown of the weeks that includes a section of a task list, notes and maybe even deadlines. This not only tricks my brain into thinking I’m organised but it also makes me organised in the long run! Keep track of your goals and to-do tasks and stay structured and on point.

Check up. The key to stay organised and do fewer brain dumps throughout the week is to keep your planners updated. Has there been a change, has it been completed or does it even matter anymore? Checking up on your lists and projects will avoid you from stressing and getting confused on what it is you’re doing. As simple as it is, it works.

Personally, I love this process but I know I can do more. My work planner is up-to-date and it really helps me get through my week and to be honest, helps me get shit done. My life planner, not so much so I know what I’m going to be working on over the next few weeks!

What are your best tips?


5 thoughts on “What Is A Brain Dump And Is It Worth It

  1. I’ve never heard of this term before, but it definitely sounds like something I should give a go! I’m a sucker for making a good list, and this sounds like a fancy list! x

    Han | lifewithhan.blog


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