Foundation Review: NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

When it comes to shopping for foundations, I don’t know about you but I do love a good high street buy as they never disappoint, it’s affordable and it’s easy to get your hands on, sometimes. My love for foundations are just as obsessive as facemasks and concealers and when there’s a splurge of new product announcements from brands, I really struggle to try and not buy every single one so when I do, it has to tick all the boxes – and that’s before I’ve even purchased it! Here’s my foundation review: NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop (£15)

A week ago I recently purchased the NYX foundation because it had an impressive 45 shades that looked at cool, neutral and warm tones – perfect for translucent skin like mine – so I was definitely excited to get my hands on this! A surprisingly creamy formula: one that must be shaken before use to blend the water, pigment and silicone. It’s the perfect blend for oily and combination skin (mine) as it seems to balance out the skin giving it a matte finish – usually forbidden through winter – but amazingly, this foundation keeps my skin neither dry or oily and with it being noncomedogenic it means it won’t clog your pores either! But that’s not all, this little beauty buy is also waterproof. The NYX colour range is very good and with the choices of undertones, it means there’s less of a chance of mixing your colours – imagine, just putting on one foundation.

The NYX foundation is marketed as “full coverage” and it does not disappoint! Personally, for someone who’s trying to cover the ridiculous amount of red marks and acne on my skin, this is a must and is always welcome in the winter as a bit of an extra layer. It’ll be my new best friend over the next few months.


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