Planning Your Week

Ever wonder why you’re successfully getting through your to-do list everyday yet you’re so behind on your work or not really getting the results you want? That perfect idea of writing daily tasks and working through them to give you a sense of completion is sometimes beneficial within the week but the reason you may be behind on your work is that you’re not looking at the bigger picture. Personally, it’s very hard to think or even do the work for the bigger picture when you’re bogged down with the day-to-day tasks and although making lists may help, it’s all about creating a plan for the bigger picture so you’re thinking of how to spend your time in weeks instead of how to spend your time daily. Once you do complete a plan for the bigger picture, which is sometimes a nightmare, then it’s easier to plan your week – but where do you start? Here are my tips on planning your week…

Write out your intentions. Plan ahead and what you’d like to do. Physically writing it down rather than using your phone makes things easier to work towards and it feels…real. Writing notes in your phone or on your computer can easily be forgotten about and even though notes can get lost, they’ll almost be burned into your brain. My top tip is to stick to one planner for work and put everything in there – which is completely different to a brain dump. I tend to spend my Sunday’s planning for the week ahead and even working on my big projects and how it will change my days ahead. As easily as this is, it’s really been helping me implement a more organised and almost stress-free week.

Reflect on the past week. Before you plan for the week ahead it’s best to know how the previous week went. The main reasons for doing this is to review any issues you had whether it’s trying to pack too much into one week or maybe not enough. Maybe you still have tasks from last week that you didn’t manage so you need to bring them across to your new plan and to determine whether or not your overall planning method or strategy needs tweaking. Is this method working for you, do you need to change your strategy for your project? These are all reflections on the past week and how it’s helping your overall project and if you’re really on track.

Grouping your tasks. Most of the time I find myself creating tasks that are almost identical and trying to group these together really helps to save time and stay motivated – but I’m definitely needing to up my game on this one. When it comes to blogging I try and write more than one and sometimes that gets left as one completed one and several not finished ones as it’s easier to come in and out of blogs editing them as you go along. At the same time, it can also be helpful to start thinking about your social media posts and what you want them to say. Some of these may be a quote within your blog or questions and the reason these two can be typically grouped is that it’s all about creating content. If you offer emails/newsletters to your audience then again this would come under content.

Don’t forget, have a balance. Although it can be easy to constantly work on a project, it can also be damaging which ultimately sets you up for failure. Within the work day I usually split up the morning and the afternoon so I’m not doing the same thing purely because it demotivates me, my brain becomes a bit foggy and I’m more likely to make a mistake. As they say, take a break from your work and come back to it later – it’s also transferable to making sure you have a balance between work and life. Don’t always focus on one thing as again it can demotivate you and having a balance allows things to be more clear.

How do you plan your week?


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