An Essential Guide To Advanced Make-Up

Did you play with make-up when you were a little girl? Honestly, looking back I can’t even remember. I’ve never been a girly girl of dressing up, using your mums make-up and flaunting around the room in a sparkly dress and heels five times too big but through high school I wanted to fit in so I experimented with make-up – which would always have me with one eye with more mascara than the other, dodgy looking eyeliner and that iconic dream matte mousse for foundation, yes we’ve all been there but growing up and having an obsession with skincare and a love for make-up, I now know that there are just some steps you cannot skip when it comes to make-up. Here’s an essential guide to advanced make-up…

Primer. A step that will always be debatable of whether or not you really need one but if you want a smooth blank canvas to work with so you foundation sits on your face and not get into all those lines and flaky dry skin then a primer is really a must. Personally, I would pick my primer to cater for my skin and in some cases, this would result in a matte blend or a creamy finish – it depends how my combination skin is feeling that day. A pea-sized amount is enough to cover your entire face but for reassurance, your foundation is going to match and blend easily, I’d add a bit more for your eyelids and neck also. One of my primers perfect for those oily days I go for the DHC Velvet Skin Coat (£18.90, 15ml), a lightweight formula that also minimises the appearance of fine lines and pores.

Colour corrector. Now we’re getting into something a bit more complex. You want to see colour corrects as something fun rather than scary and the easiest way to use these are to add a small amount bit by bit as it avoids over caking and creasing- and always apply under concealer or foundation. A quick guide; yellows and oranges for under eye circles, green for any redness and purple for washed out, dull-looking skin. My current favourite is totally lazy proof and takes the hard work out for you, proto-col baked mineral colour correct (£27.95, 9g), a blend that mixes all the colours so there’s no need of overcomplicating application and it leaves your skin with the same tone.

More than one foundation. Ok, so I’ve always ended up mixing two foundations in order to get the perfect shade because my skin is a bit translucent and white but just not white enough for those whitest shades from expensive brands, think Fenty Beauty, but not dark enough for the lightest shade off the high street shelves, think Maybelline. So, I’m neither a shade 100 in Fenty or an ivory in Maybelline which of course means blending a bit of both to get the right shade of ‘oh god I’m looking pale today’. Have time on your hands? Apply a lighter shade for your undereye, a slightly darker one for the centre part of your face and a slightly darker one from that for the perimeter of your face. My current favourites are the Dior Backstage Face & Body Foundation (£29, 50ml) because shade choice, NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Full Foundation (£15, 30ml) because again shade choice, full review here and if you’re struggling to get the right shade of pale then I suggest using The Body Shop Lightening Shade Adjustment Drops (£11, 15ml) which also comes with darkening drops too.

Setting spray. Another must-have step that you just cannot skip is, of course, setting spray. Think of it as hairspray but for your face, just more suitable and totally harmless. I use this whether or not I’ve got powder on my face as I like to see it as adding a barrier so my make-up doesn’t slide off my face by the time its first brew of the day. I switch between setting sprays and facial mists depending on how dry my skin is (mists are perfect for dry skin). I alternate between Clarins Fix Make-Up Spray (£24, 50ml) an oldie but a complete classic and the E.L.F Oil Control Primer Mist (£9, 30ml) which can be used as a second primer, a setting mist or a mist that you use throughout the day to freshen up your complexion.

What are your advanced steps?


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