How To Protect Your Skin From The Office Environment

I’ve been in and out of working within an office environment over the past three years and when it comes to your skin, you really do suffer. Most of the time the air con is on full whack and when it isn’t, the heating is on. The windows often get opened then closed, in some offices, there are no open doors which means you’re basically working in a closed room, usually full to capacity, staring at your computer screen for eight hours a day. Here’s how to protect your skin from the office environment…

Of course, we all know the dilemma with the phones and how if you don’t clean them regularly you can suffer from blemishes and clogged pores but did you know your computer is one of the main problems when it comes to your skin? This is due to the visible light from screens that result in free radical damage – and more so resulting in loss of collagen and elastin. But that’s not all, air cons also play havoc with your skin leading to your complexions natural moisture out of balance and when it comes to heaters, it can be quite harsh on the skin causing sensitivity and dryness. So how do we reverse free radical damage and protect our skin from the air con/ heater debate?

Meet my ‘already talked about‘ secret weapon, the Gatineau Aquamemory Moisture Replenish Concentrate (£52, 30ml) Which is packed with antioxidants, known to protect your skin from free radical damage, whilst reducing any water loss and if that’s not enough, it also reinforces the skin’s natural barrier using the ingredient brown algae and provides long-lasting hydration. I know when my skin’s getting a little tight, dry or just all over the place I have my emergency weapon to hand but there is also an important tip to follow.

Water. Yes, we’re on about water again – the well-known liquid to hydrate and do wonders for your skin and although it can be rather boring sipping on this all day, you simply have to! Try mixing coconut powder in water or simply drink coconut water as it also helps replace electrolytes lost through sweat – which is unavoidable for when you have one of those busy ‘let’s run around the office’ type of days, whatever the season.


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