Putting High Street Mascara’s To The Test

Many of you will know that I’ve played around with lash extensions as well as mascara because I’m dying for those long, thick and fluttery lashes of my dreams. But this summer, after having lash extensions for the second time, my natural lashes don’t seem to be the same in the fact they are not half the length they were and I’m missing a few so I decided to give my current collection, both new and old, of mascara’s to the test and see if they really do what they say. Here’s putting high street mascaras to the test…

The best buildable mascara: Natural Collection Length Mascara in Brown, £2.49

First things first, I didn’t know I picked up a brown shade until I was home and it was too late, however, it did give off a subtle colour that seemed to of matched my smaller than average eyes. With this, I did need quite a few coats to achieve my desired finish (shown in the image above) but it glides on without clumping and it was very easy to apply and take off. Usually, I would use this as a base coat before using another mascara to give my lashes a bit of ‘oomph’ but for an everyday wear, it wasn’t that bad. Definitely a surprising find.

The best volume and length: Kiss Dead Sexy Lashes Volume & Define in Black

Available in Tesco, Asda, Amazon.

One of my favourites within the collection was this double-ended mascara wand from Kiss that with just one coat you could see a massive difference with my desired look (pictured above) only taking three coats. The classic double brushes gave one for the bottom lashes which I never knew I needed until testing – so good at catching those little lashes – and one for your top lashes. Again there was no clumping with an effortless application. This one was a little harder to remove which of course meant using more eye make-up remover.

The best volume and length: L’Oréal Paradise Mascara in Black, £11.99

I tested this mascara earlier in the summer and published a review here but I thought with my lashes being thin and frail that I’d give another review and truly put it to the test. Mentioned in my first review of this mascara, it is still very clumpy with the application but the length and volume the mascara gives definitely cancels that out As it gives you a slightly dramatic effect and with a few more coats can even be a stand-in for your regular falsies. It is easy to apply and although more time is needed to correct and get rid of the clumps, it’s also easy to take off.

The best at volume: L’Oréal Unlimited Mascara, £10.99

Up until I got lash extensions I was always using this mascara and testing it again made me know why. It glides on the lashes giving you just enough product to elegantly coat each and every lash giving you that slightly dramatic, fanned feel. It’s easy to put on and take off and with just a few coats you get my desired look (pictured above).


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