Sunday Rituals That Set You Up For The Week Ahead

Sunday’s. The only day of the week where you somehow have to fit the whole weekend in a day and cram in as much prep as you can for the week ahead just for it to feel like you have your shit together, just me? Personally, I like to do absolutely nothing on a Saturday, although recently moving I’m finding myself making frequent trips to Ikea because there’s never enough flat packed furniture one could own, with the ‘getting shit done’ prep being left to a Sunday – completely opposite to most. Whatever day here’s my Sunday rituals that set you up for the week ahead…

Detox. A good detox motivates us into being better people – it’s a no-brainer. Whether it’s your handbag, computer desktop, clear out of the cupboards, because god knows how long that open jar of pesto has been there or even the thousand sheets of paper you have sprawled all over your desk, detoxing and having a good clear out of the everyday things you use sets you up for the week ahead. When it comes to clearing out my handbag there are so many screwed up receipts, supplements, diary’s, pens, tangled up headphones and just general must-haves and clearing these out allows me to prioritise what I need in the coming week and have it all prepared for when I need it. The same goes for my cupboards, fridge and my desk!

Clean. Ok this one if a bit of a no-brainer, again, but getting down to the big cleaning jobs such as washing the bedding, dusting the blinds and cleaning the actual fridge is something that will help you keep a clean and clear mind through your home. Clean sheets are definitely something I enjoy through the week and having that clean space allows me to be more productive – and gives you a better nights sleep.

Try something new. Being able to start your week on a positive note of trying something new not only gives you the opportunity to cook or partake in something you’ve always wanted to but it also allows you to take your mind off that Monday morning feeling and do something creative instead. Personally, I’ve been trying to focus on my life more than I do my work to try and find that balance and trying new things help do just that. It doesn’t matter what it is as long as it’s something you’ll enjoy and it’s also something you get out of the weekend.

Plan. You can’t set yourself up for the week without planning and I can’t stress enough how important and mind clearing it really is. When I don’t plan my, I’m somehow lost and confused and I never get anything done. The perfect tool you will ever need is a planner. It helps you keep track of your meals, your fitness and life goals and your work. Here’s my guide to planning your week. You can also use planners to braindump. Whilst planning your week is crucial – including planning time for family and friends – you can also apply this to prepping. Prep your meals and even your clothes as it saves a lot of time.

Self-care. You simply cannot go a Sunday without some form of self-care whether this is a facial, a long relaxing bath or a quick 10 minutes doing something for yourself. It allows you to close the door on the previous week and mentally get ready for the next. Personally, this will also be a facemask, tinting the eyebrows and even reading – you don’t have to dedicate all day.


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