Foundation Review: L’Oréal Infaillible 24H Fresh Wear

Without a doubt there’s new beauty products coming out of all areas of the industry right now, with products for every possible need and cosmetics is just the same. It’s easy to be swayed into buying hundreds of different foundations or cleansers and being enticed to try 12-step regimes and numerous techniques and honestly, I do like exploring and experimenting and I also love sharing with you my findings, my opinions and everything in between and today is no different. Another foundation, another review – here is my foundation review: L’Oréal Infaillible 24H Fresh Wear (currently £9.99), yes I know I promised the last one would be my new best friend but…I can have two right?

Since 1909, L’Oréal has featured in the make-up bags of millions of women who’ve found a sense of power of feeling and looking good with centuries of new beauty launches and their new foundation does not disappoint. A super effective longwear foundation, Infaillible 24HR helps to keep your coverage fresh, non-transferable and all over life-proof whilst providing oxygen technology to keep it lightweight. The smooth, rich and velvety texture glides onto the skin effortlessly giving the skin complete coverage that’s easily blendable and lasts all day, allowing you to get on with it.

Just like my previous foundation review, this one also suits my combination skin cancelling out any sight of shine and seems to cover my dry patches quite well. Although I’ve not really challenged the 24HR wear, it does however last the working day – unfortunately apart from my nose! Think worn off, frosty red nose by 1pm and that’s not the cold so I’d definitely recommend more foundation and a green primer on the nose.

Compared to the NYX can’t stop won’t stop, I feel like these are exactly the same in regards to coverage, shade match (it’s been a lucky few months!) and overall texture. Looking from the outside, there is a difference however on price, L’Oréal wins for being the cheapest, and the amount of shades offered, NYX wins with 45 shades (L’Oréal has 26).


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