Review: The Mary Kay Clear Proof Range Part Two

*GIFTED When it comes to skincare, I love to indulge in extras and by extras, I mean serums, spot treatments, facial oils, acids and any other products that bring luxury and purpose and Mary Kay’s Clear Proof range does just that. Following on from part one, I was sent a range of products to trial over the past few months and how sticking to one consistent routine might be the key to getting the skin you want. After 8 weeks of using Mary Kay products – alongside a beauty supplement to help with pigmentation (a review on that later) – I have seen some dramatic changes in the way of how my skin has calmed down, my combination complexion is more manageable and how it’s balanced out my skin to work with my acne in helping to reduce it rather than working against it and making it worse. Here’s my Mary Kay Clear Proof range part two that includes the Pore-Purifying Serum (£18.50), Spot Solution (£13.50), Oil-Free Moisturiser (£17) and the Oil-Free Hydrating Gel (£29).

The serum, a gel blend that absorbs quickly into the skin, I always felt like I needed 2-3 pumps in order to cover my face and neck, didn’t need more breathing space before applying the next product. Also rich in salicylic acid, the gel glides onto the skin leaving no sticky residue whilst soothing any redness and inflammation in the skin. Personally, this is the step I’d use after my spot treatment but giving their recommendations a go, serum came after the cleanser and honestly, there wasn’t much difference in results. So the next step is the spot treatment which I found to be quite effective in slamming the door on any blemishes wanting to make an appearance. The cream includes botanical ingredients Canadian willowherb, sea heather and burdock root known to help reduce redness associated with blemishes which clearly did its job! One thin layer overnight ensured that my acne stayed under control without any overpowering redness.

The oil-free moisturiser was one of my favourite products within the range purely because I didn’t realise what difference the oil makes. Personally I think this would make a great addition to any summer routine or for those struggling with acne. Although oil-based moisturisers aren’t the main cause, oil-free ones are less likely to cause blemishes or make them worse as it doesn’t stick to your skin – meaning it won’t clog your pores. If you want to use an oil-based moisturiser but don’t want it to clog your pores, simply find one that’s non-comedogenic. The very light texture instantly absorbs into the skin, replenishing moisture, balancing hydration and softening the complexion.

Last but not least, the oil-free hydrating gel. The reason why I got sent this product was due to my reaction of the facemask and that my skin lacked moisture – a lot of it! In order to bring my skin back to normal, I used the moisturiser and then the gel to give my complexion extra comfort and hydration. The purple gel texture instantly cools and refreshes the skin for what seemed like hours. Infused with green tea, the gel got to work at my broken and dry skin by calming, soothing and bringing back moisture all whilst working with my skin rather than being irritating. I still use this today on top of my moisturiser if I ever have a dry and dehydrated skin day.

Have you tried any Mary Kay products?


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