Why Self-Care Is Beyond Just Beauty

Scrolling through my blog you’ll see that 99% of the content is beauty because it’s something I adore and simply cannot live without but when posed with a question of ‘is self-care all about beauty’ it got me thinking. Self-care ideas are usually marketed as beauty-related practices. Now personally, this is usually the case for me because all I ever want to do is run a nice hot bath completed with facemasks and chocolate and although it sounds like a dream, it’s not going to win over any bathing haters. Or facemasks. Or dare I say it, chocolate. All these things involve you spending time, or cutting time out of your day to do these things and partake in self-care. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to involve yourself with any pampering for it class as self-care as this can mean dedicating time for yourself that brings a sense of renewal, calm, replenishment. Self-care should be something that excites you, energises you, makes you feel brand new, decreases stress and brings you to a relaxing state for not just your physical needs but your mental ones too. So, thanks to that question, I’ve got thinking about self-care practices that attends to both my needs that I’ve incorporated over the past couple of weeks as the stress of Christmas and New Year has increased, that aren’t just trying to fix everything with a facemask – no matter how promising it sounds.

Express your hobby. There are hundreds of hobbies you can immerse yourself with that whenever you take the time it brings such a calm and stress-relieving effect on you that you’re just left feeling satisfied and amazing. For me that’s writing. Luckily I get to write everyday whether it’s freelancing, blogging, content writing or even writing my book. It’s uplifting. Identify the hobbies you love that makes you feel replenished and try to fit in as much as you can and enough for it to stay as a hobby that revitalises you and not become a daunting task that brings more stress.

Outdoors. Over the past few years I’ve always loved hiking and challenging myself with different routes with Nepal being my hardest venture yet. Although this comes up hobbies and potentially exercise too, I wanted to focus on the outdoors itself. Whether I’m hiking, walking, exploring or having a picnic, there’s such simplicity and elegance in just packing up some lunch and following a trail or roaming around somewhere new and it gives you the opportunity to get some fresh air and just…think. If I had the time to do this daily I would!

Music. Growing up around my dad who spends the best part of a Sunday listening to what seems like back-to-back 80s classics and taking pride in his vinyl collection, has definitely rubbed off on me. Then you have my brother who has such a diverse range that usually gets blasted through the speakers at any time of day. It’s something I’ve been influenced on and usually you’ll see me at work with my headphones in as it allows me to focus, get in the zone and take away part of the stress for the day. So it’s something I’m always trying to do more of whether it’s zoning out and listening to my favourites or again dare I say it, listen to it in the bath.

Planning. Now this is something we’d all associate with work and probably bores a lot but a little planning and cleaning are always chilling and relaxing for me and although I’d never promote that cleaning is a hobby, having a sense of organisation really calms me. In terms of planning, having time to reflect on your personal goals and life plans are beneficial to anyone and knowing where you are in any of your ventures give you almost a feeling of achievement or revaluation. ORGANISATION IS KEY!


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