The Recipe For Glowy Skin

I’m not sure I’ve been so into a beauty trend as much as I have been with getting glowy skin. Of course there is a slight interest in shimmers and highlighters but with the constant issue of having pigmentation, it seems to overwrite any natural glow I get. Ever since my first spot raised, I’ve never not been looking for the perfect complexion that shows clear skin, smooth texture and that dewy glow. It’s consumed me for at least the past 10 years – with only the past four being more…serious – and has outlived any other skin trends. Now the aim to get rid of pigmentation and bring in that glow following lifestyle, skincare and make-up. The triple approach is something that I’ve worked on over the past few years and although there’s still quite a fair way to go, we’re definitely heading in the right direction. So today I wanted to chat with you of all the things I’ve implemented through beauty practices that not only brings the skin back from pure dehydration and dryness but also gives you the recipe for glowy skin.


During my 20s my skin has not been the only thing I’ve tried to improve on with fitness and food also being at the top of the list. When it comes to my fitness I’ve always been in awe of those who are dedicated, strong and knows how to bring balance to their life in terms of having days off and enjoying their food but my own journey has struggled constantly over the years. I’m not particularly strict with my diet and I definitely don’t avoid any foods – in regards to carbs, chocolate and cheese – but over the past six weeks I have practised a vegetarian diet and although it’s purely down to re-educating myself on flavours, textures and smells, cutting meat and fish out of my diet has probably given me more of an opportunity to eat well and although I’m not promoting being a veggie (you do what you do), it has its benefits of not being sluggish when I eat a big meal and leaving stress on my body to break down any meat and I generally feel more healthy in myself. It has however, introduced some bad habits of sprinkling cheese on practically every meal.

The other lifestyle input that I feel makes the biggest difference in my body is exercise. The change I feel with working out is a little more subtle on the skin than a healthy diet but I do feel that rather contributing to the overall glow factor, it does indeed make me look and feel healthier. I’m getting my blood pumping, my body moving, my skin quite sweaty and I generally feel good. I have lacked over the past few months and honestly I can tell with the dull-looking skin so this is something I want to focus on in the coming weeks to help get that healthy look back and feel good on the inside and out. A big note other than fitness and food that I have found to have an impact on my skin is sleep. It’s true what they say about beauty sleep and making sure I get my recommended eight hours daily is something I live by – or letting my body naturally wake up on the weekends.


I am a big fan of the whole ‘inside out’ mantra and believe that to achieve a healthy, glowing and clear complexion, it is fitness, food and sleep you need to focus on, however a combination of the right skincare and supplements helps me take care of the glow process from both approaches. I won’t go on about my full skincare routine as I’m sure you’ve heard it all before, if not read my latest routine here, instead I wanted to break it down and give you the best products I’ve come across that really deliver the glow factor. Although I stick to a consistent routine, I’d say there are products that I use every now and again that bring a natural glow, main review here, but I have come across something that minimises breakouts, refines pores, maintains healthy skin and gives you a bright glowy complexion, the Beauty Pie Plantastic Micropeeling Super Drops (£7.62 for members) which I’ve been raving about in the past few weeks. I do this step 3-4 times a week in the evening and recently starting to use this in the morning which I’ve noticed my make-up doesn’t cake as much.

For no or next to nothing make-up days, I add the proto-col moisturising facial gel (£21.95) into the mix as a hydration booster that goes on top of my everyday moisturiser, because it gives the skin a burst of moisture and gives a glow to the skin without looking greasy at all. It’s like I’ve faked a good eight hour sleep and two litres of water a day kind of look.


Although a good diet, fitness, sleep and skincare routine you’d think we’d be done, however a little extra isn’t always bad – especially through winter, the most dry and dehydrating season for my skin. The one thing I’ve been obsessing over through the summer and now the winter and has even been blogged about before is the Kiko Smart Drops Glowing Booster (£7.90 – there website is currently down!) as I’ve said before and will always continue to say, it brings my skin back to life and the reason I’ve put it under make-up and not skincare is purely because I mix this with my foundation or I treat it as my primer. The other product I like mixing with my foundation is the Iconic London Illuminator (£30), a very out there highlight, however mixing a very small amount with your foundation allows your complexion to shine in all the right places without overdoing it.


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