Battle Of The Primers

Primer is like underwear – you don’t exactly want to leave the house without it and it helps smooth, conceal and even holds everything in place so anything that you put on top looks 10 times better.  We’re all divided on whether we think it’s necessary or even worth it. Not only does it demand […]

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Contouring Mad

   Contouring has become a very important make up technque which includes using a darker shade and a highlighting shade to give you that ‘sculpted’ look. Personally, it’s amazing especially if I feel like I’m having a fat face day. But the techniques didn’t stop there. Then came along strobing, which is just a name […]

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Would You Glitter Your Pits?

   As we know, women are not scared to make a statement and when I mean a statement I mean going far beyond your usual message. By this I mean not only letting people know what they support they also put it all over the Internet. The first trend of women and their under arms […]

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Handbag Life Savers

Ahh handbags. They can be big, small, round, square, made out of leather, suede and all finished off with zips, buttons, poppers or even kept open. When it comes to these amazing inventions it can be quite hard to choose what goes inside. Personally, the bigger the bag the more crap I can hoard inside. […]

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The Nail Polish Take Over

Ladies it’s time to dig out your favourite shades and get painting those nails. It may not be summer yet but there are plenty of colours to warm up the cold days of winter. And with valentines day looming there are a lot of nail polishes to choose from. Recent research from Retail analysit, Mintel […]

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